OHIO: The Art of it All

83 shows love for Ohio’s unbounded creative culture with a February Exhibition that embraces a powerful collection of work from local Columbus talent as well as visiting artists from several other locations in Ohio.


Featured 83 Resident Artist, Angela Smith, unveiled “Entropic Me,” a site specific multi-media installation that left visitors captivated. Consisting of a glitch-based video presentation and supplemented with over 100 prints on exhibit, “Entropic Me” deconstructs self portrait images  through forcing images files into unadaptable programs and continuously recompressing the files. The result: an abstract landscape of digital pixilation that bends our notion of self and allows us to get lost and end up in unexpected places.


The opening night was made complete with a special solo performance by the Cadaver Dog’s front man, Matthew Franklin. If you have not yet experienced the high octane fantastical aberration that is Cadaver Dogs, you haven’t lived.



Stay tuned for 83’s next big show. For more information, contact: 83gallery@gmail.com

“2014: An Art Odyssey” opening night at 83 Gallery South

Kicking off the new year with another incredible group exhibit, 83 Gallery celebrates over 5 years of exhibiting, promoting and supporting Columbus’ creative talent. Despite adverse weather conditions, last night’s opening brought a lively and supportive crowd intent on kicking back with a beverage of choice and viewing some stunning new artwork by some of 83’s finest.


“Bill Murray likes PBR, But Not Groundhogs” by Brittany Harris


Show Poster courtesy of Brittany Harris and Chris Naderer


The exhibit included a series of Man o’ War (humorously titled Manowhore) paintings by up-and-coming 83 artist, Claire Gaunter; gesturally dynamic and expressive figurative paintings from Mackenzie Burkhardt; tightly rendered pop portraiture courtesy of Brittany Harris, and the melancholic, detached individuals that embody the work of Christopher Cropper.


Exhibiting Artists David Olk and Brent Elam


Claire Gaunter and Chris Cropper


With over 20 other talented artists to complete the show, 83’s January exhibit is not to be missed. And a special thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for providing our guests with an endless supply of their delicious beverage. For more information on this month’s exhibit, or to schedule a viewing, please contact 83gallerysouth@gmail.com.


Longtime 83 Artist, Pam Ashton



83 Gallery’s 7th Inning Stretch

For the month of October 83 Gallery brings another quintessential ‘salon style’ group exhibit that includes over 100 pieces of artwork created by 27 local artists working in a variety of mediums, styles and subject matter. The show’s title “7th Inning Stretch” refers not only to 83’s seventh month next to Double Happiness in the Brewery District but, most importantly, to the inaugural exhibition of the internet sensations and this month’s featured artists: Baseball Card Vandals.  With the simple slogan “Descent Jokes on Worthless Cards,” the BCV brothers Beau and Bryan Abbot have brought us over 600 hilarious and crudely defaced originals. After launching baseballcardvandals.com almost a year ago they have been picked up by BuzzFeedMLBNetwork (twice)Urban OutfittersComics AllianceSports IllustratedUproxx614 MagazineDaringFireballUnderScoopFireEgotriplandAnimal New York and many others including, most recently, Laughing Squid and Lost at E Minor.

Image   Image

Last Saturday’s opening night showed 83 batting a thousand. Baseball Card Vandals had everyone rolling with laughter, exhibiting artist and magician, Jeff Leonard, performed his daring straightjacket escape, and the punk band ‘Slugging Percentage’ layed down some hardcore baseball-themed anthems to close out the night. Empanadas Infitada provided delicious empanadas for everyone and the gallery’s staple beverage, Pabst Blue Ribbon, flowed freely throughout. 

Image   Image

Next month 83 Gallery will be celebrating its 5th year anniversary of exhibiting, promoting, and connecting local artists, musicians and creatives. Stay tuned, more info to come… 

Friends And Family

The current exhibit at 83 Gallery South, aptly titled “Friends and Family,” celebrates and promotes the diverse and always evolving artistic community that we have developed and nurtured since our inception in the basement gallery at 83 W. First Ave. The show presents work from artists both longtime and new, with a diverse range of styles and artistic philosophies. From Spencer Cowan’s markered pizza boxes to April Deacon’s stunning new large work, the ‘Friends and Family’ exhibit is a true testament to the creative and collaborative force driving 83’s ideology and mission.

August Show Card

Danielle Verner’s newest masterpiece

The opening night was an absolute success. We’d like to thank all of our artists, patrons, and new visitors who came out to enjoy an evening of culture and entertainment. RaymondTVinyl provided a fantastic selection of vintage records from his extensive collection, Logic Alley enthralled us with their musical live performance piece and PBR flowed freely throughout the night thanks to PBR Columbus’ New Field Marketing Representative and 83 Gallery’s Co-Founder, Mic Wesson (a match made in heaven, right!?).

Raymond Schwab

Raymond Schwab keeping the beat

 The exhibit will be on display until September 7th with open gallery hours every Tuesday through Friday night from 5pm-9pm. If you would like to schedule a private viewing feel free to message, email, or call us and we’ll be happy to arrange a time. Thank you all again, we will see you at our next opening on Saturday September 14th. Exhibit theme for next month: Street Art…

Alexi Vlaar

Resident artist Chris Cropper and 83 patron Alexi Vlaar

Pleasant Confrontations

83 Gallery was forged through confrontation. Whether it be railing against the Short North status quo, or among the founders’ differing philosophies of art and community (read: “anti” vs. “opulent”), there have been few tranquil moments in the 83 world. This impulse has not been lost at 83 Gallery South, and it’s back in the forefront this July. Focused on portraiture, the “Confrontation” exhibition forces the audience to engage the work, and confront feelings of attraction, disconcertion, and repulsion. On display through August 3rd.


What? Say somethin’.

You may recognize the work on the poster as that of Adam Hernandez. Although a fairly new resident compared to some of our OGs, “Dreamboat” has had a pretty significant impact with 83, especially at the new space. Check out his featured collection on the front wall.

The highlight of opening night came in the form of two wonderful live acts: a musician and a magician. Both had the crowd in awe; one for fire and card tricks, the other for folky-soulful original tunes along with some pitch-perfect covers. Make sure to check out Magician Jeff Leonard and the terrific Kyra Jones.

Jeff Leonard

Jeff definitely already knows Cropper’s card.

photo (3)

Cool sounds on a hot night.

Pabst provided plenty of refreshment and brought along PBR Merch as well. 83 friends and employees found plenty of uses for it.







That’s it for now. After four successful shows at the new space, we can’t wait to show you what we have in store next.

An Evening of Smart Asses

After the phenomenal turnout for our first show at the new 83 Gallery South, we knew we had to raise the bar for May. Enter: Matt Bors. Matt is an Ohio-raised, Portland-based nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist and editor, and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2012. He was on hand to discuss and sign copies of his new book, “Life Begins at Incorporation,” and brought along nine original works (if you didn’t make it but would like to purchase an original or book, email 83gallery@gmail.com. We still have a few books left, and at only twenty bucks, they’re a steal). Using Matt as inspiration, our Curator Chris coined the “Smart Ass” exhibition title, and we prompted our artists to follow suit with a show based on satire and political incorrectness.

SmartAss ShowPoster

Even the event poster is priceless.

As usual, our artists and friends showed up big to contribute their thoughts and dollars to independent art. Within the first half hour, there was already a line of Bors fans waiting for a word and autograph.

Matt Bors

This man was in demand.

After local stylings by acoustic duo Dr. Umbrella, the crowd shuffled outside. Dozens of art fans gathered around Bors and a projection screen (wrinkled white sheet) in the adjacent pedestrian ally, to hear him speak about how the world is run by assholes, war is boring, and other similar observations. The atmosphere was fantastic: lovely people, perfect weather, and truly meaningful discourse. And Nickelback digs.


A temporary stay from Bullshit.

PBR Columbus kept the crowd buzzing and 83 stayed open almost an hour later than usual. It wasn’t the wonderful free-for-all that our old Gallery Hops were, but the crowd left feeling a new kind of excitement–that something pretty awesome is happening at 83 Gallery South. Stay tuned for details on next month’s time-traveling? theme.

83 Gallery South Unveiled

83 Gallery South Logo

We’re Back Suckas.

After two months of blog silence, 83 Gallery is now ready to fully unveil our new incarnation: 83 Gallery South. Our CCAD interns Danielle Verner and Chris Naderer have been hard at work with the 83 staff creating an amazing satellite gallery. The new space is located next to Double Happiness on the pedestrian alley off Front St in the Brewery District. We’d love for you to join us for the opening event, Origins, Friday April 5th, from 7-11pm. Here is the press release via Danielle:

Origins Showcard

Back for the first time.

Located in the heart of the Brewery District of downtown Columbus, the premiere satellite location of 83 Gallery will feature the selected work of local students, post-graduates, and emerging artists. Patrons of 83 Gallery South will be welcomed by the familiar red brick walls of our old space displaying artwork with the same salon-style grandeur, adapted to a more cozy and intimate setting. This smaller venue lends itself to specially curated conceptual shows that still maintain the diverse range of artistic styles found in the growing Columbus art scene. The new location aims to carry on 83’s handcrafted DIY spirit with an inviting, inclusive atmosphere that welcomes young up-and-coming artists to share their work with the community, and allows patrons to intimately observe this burgeoning talent rise.

83 Gallery South’s first show, aptly titled Origins, celebrates the opening of our new space and the beginning of a new venture. In keeping with 83’s tradition of exhibiting the best varied work of underground local artists, the selected work displays a fresh, diverse array of styles, mediums, and content. We’ve partnered with Columbus College of Art & Design’s academic student community to present the public with the most current, unique, and contemporary styles emerging in the city. The latest works of 83 Gallery resident artists will also be displayed to create a union of the new with the familiar in one cohesive show that praises the work of our local artistic community.

83 Gallery South Front

Double Happiness^83

83 Gallery South Preopen

Chris and Danielle about to 83ize the space.

Enough teasers, come see the space in all it’s glory a week from Friday. We cannot wait to see you again Cbus.

Now on exhibit at Brothers Drake Meadery: The Work of Trevor Boyle and Sara Wilson

Trevor Boyle’s method is raw and industrial, yet playful like liquid Lego’s cast as an architectural blueprint gone mad. Each canvas engaged in a tempestuous relationship of frenzied intensity with careful hints of structure and balance.


Working from a wide range of artistic and cultural influences – from traditional portrait painting to Manga comics to David Bowie’s “The Labyrinth” – Sara Wilson employs a variety of mediums and applications to create a truly expressive and personal figurative style. The resulting subject matter is enigmatic and sensuous, yet melancholic and despondent.



Brothers Drake Meadery

26 E 5th Ave. Columbus OH 43201


For more information on the artists, or to view more examples of their work, please contact: 83gallery@gmail.com

A Major Happening with 83

Friends of 83,
     Beginning January 1st, the gallery will be moving out of our current space at 1038 N High St to seek out a location that will allow us to pursue more events and live music, while still providing salon-style group shows for our fabulous artists. In the meantime, we’ll continue to be active in the Columbus arts scene with outside venue exhibitions, pop-up shows, intern education, artist assistance, and local creative collaboration.
     This space has been vital to the growth and development of 83 gallery, yet we’re eager to move on to bigger and better things.  We owe thanks to all of our wonderful artists, musicians, patrons, local businesses, friends, and families for the unconditional support and love they’ve given us in the past two years at our current location, and the previous two at 83 W 1st. We look forward to continuing to build on these relationships as we move forward. Also, a special shout-out to Mikey’s Late Night Slice and staff for giving us such a great opportunity, and being all-around awesome. If you have any questions or comments email us at 83gallery@gmail.com. And as a parting gift, please vote us CU Best Art Gallery of 2012 HERE!
Goodbye, Mondrian Bathroom.

Goodbye, Mondrian Bathroom.

     Also, we are interested in potentially collaborating with creative, like-minded individuals or businesses who share our vision for pursuing and cultivating art in Columbus.  Please contact us with your ideas!

Or better yet: COME TO OUR HOLIDAY PARTY! and chat with us then.

The Classiest.

The Classiest.

WHEN: Saturday, December 15th from 7-10 pm
WHERE: 1038 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43201
BRING: Your favorite holiday libations (we will provide some as well), and your best MACARONI & CHEESE DISH!  There will be a mac&cheese cook-off with some very qualified judges!
Dress your best, and celebrate with 83 as we say a fond farewell to our beloved space. Champagne toast at 9:30pm. See you there!
-83 Staff

So much joy. See you Saturday.

Holiday Hop Spectacular

What an experience. Holiday Hop usually garners an impressive turnout, but this one was, truly, spectacular. To start the day, (614) Magazine hit newsstands with this awesome 83 origins article. Inside the gallery, the ready walls looked amazing after a week-long effort; Maddy Beaumier’s usual fantastic work was accompanied by a celebrity hang from Nick Stull.

Experts in asymmetric symmetry.

83 Resident Adam Hernandez had the front covered, with his indigenous-influence window mural. The Dispatch featured it, and he deserved the recognition after way too much time spent in the cold.

Doubles for the impending Mayan Apocalypse.

We always expect opening night energy from the bands and usually get it, but Wooden Teeth and Apes managed to out-pace the future with their sets. The former brought good-old-fashioned rock with a twinge of psychedelic and soul, while the latter overflowed with straight-up soul and rhythm. The gallery turned into a sweaty grooving heap for both acts, and no one seemed to mind.

Decent turnout.

CoMo Dance kept everyone involved in between the music with their performance piece Object. Like their new Facebook page to learn more about what these very talented ladies do.

Yes, I discovered the panoramic function on my iPhone.

The usual shout-outs go to artists, friends, and family for representing. Also, you wouldn’t believe how many PBRs we went through; thanks Pabst Blue Ribbon Ohio. Finally, thanks to our engineer buddy Tim for a huge 83-branded LED sign. That sign, our bright tree decked in pornaments (or hornyments or whorenaments), and you all lit up our lives this weekend. Thank you. We’ll be back later this month with some big news.

Cropper knows best. Happy Holidays.


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