83 Gallery South Unveiled

83 Gallery South Logo

We’re Back Suckas.

After two months of blog silence, 83 Gallery is now ready to fully unveil our new incarnation: 83 Gallery South. Our CCAD interns Danielle Verner and Chris Naderer have been hard at work with the 83 staff creating an amazing satellite gallery. The new space is located next to Double Happiness on the pedestrian alley off Front St in the Brewery District. We’d love for you to join us for the opening event, Origins, Friday April 5th, from 7-11pm. Here is the press release via Danielle:

Origins Showcard

Back for the first time.

Located in the heart of the Brewery District of downtown Columbus, the premiere satellite location of 83 Gallery will feature the selected work of local students, post-graduates, and emerging artists. Patrons of 83 Gallery South will be welcomed by the familiar red brick walls of our old space displaying artwork with the same salon-style grandeur, adapted to a more cozy and intimate setting. This smaller venue lends itself to specially curated conceptual shows that still maintain the diverse range of artistic styles found in the growing Columbus art scene. The new location aims to carry on 83’s handcrafted DIY spirit with an inviting, inclusive atmosphere that welcomes young up-and-coming artists to share their work with the community, and allows patrons to intimately observe this burgeoning talent rise.

83 Gallery South’s first show, aptly titled Origins, celebrates the opening of our new space and the beginning of a new venture. In keeping with 83’s tradition of exhibiting the best varied work of underground local artists, the selected work displays a fresh, diverse array of styles, mediums, and content. We’ve partnered with Columbus College of Art & Design’s academic student community to present the public with the most current, unique, and contemporary styles emerging in the city. The latest works of 83 Gallery resident artists will also be displayed to create a union of the new with the familiar in one cohesive show that praises the work of our local artistic community.

83 Gallery South Front

Double Happiness^83

83 Gallery South Preopen

Chris and Danielle about to 83ize the space.

Enough teasers, come see the space in all it’s glory a week from Friday. We cannot wait to see you again Cbus.

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